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The region

Information about the region of Southwest Hungary

The central location of our complex in Kövágószölös, close to the city of Pecs in the county Baranya in the beautiful heart of Southwest Hungary with its sub Mediterranean climate, makes Hungary Holiday Home a perfect holiday location.
From our position the garden gives you beautiful views over the Mecsek mountains and valleys and the nearby surroundings.
It is a guarantee for a wonderful holiday. You can go walking, hiking, fishing, hunting, mountain biking etc. or simply enjoy the peace and quiet of the wonderful country side.
If you enjoy culture, the beautiful old University City of Pécs guarantees you many days filled with culture, shopping, food and drink.

Picture of a fishinglake in Hungary   Picture of Pécs, Hungary   Photo of rockformations in the Mecsek, Hungary

Photo of Kövágószölös   Picture of the Mecsek mountains

Picture of the Mecsek mountains, Hungary   Photo of Southwest Hungary   Picture of the church tower in Kövágószölös